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Descripción del curso

Este programa permite que usted elija de la gama completa de nuestros módulos de literatura de MA. La lista de lo que se ofrece es regularmente añadiendo académicos interesados para explorar nuevas áreas de pensamiento con los estudiantes y de llamar le nuestras áreas de fuerza de la investigación, tales como estudios poscoloniales; estudios del siglo XVIII; la poesía moderna y ficción; o estudios victorianos. Los módulos de dibujar en muchos diferentes enfoques críticos y se centran en una amplia gama de períodos históricos, ideas y lugares de la India moderna a posguerra Nueva York a Londres literario en el siglo XVIII.

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(Student Profile)

Lina Samawi

What attracted you to this course?
I always wanted to do a Master’s outside Jordan where I come from. What I like about this programme is that it's very broad, and covers both English and American literature – meaning that I will be able to do most things when I return home. Kent offered everything I was most comfortable with and where I could work at my best – the campus, its green setting and the University's reputation and ranking.

What do you think of the teaching?
I am happy with the teaching which is of a very high quality. My classes are not too big – usually ten to 15 of us – which means that our teachers are able to devote more time to individual students.

What are the facilities like on campus?
The library has plenty of material for my course. Just about everything I've searched for during the year, I have found there.

What's the level of support like?
It's very good. When I first arrived, I was a little confused about everything – the classes, the programme, the theory, but I spoke to my Head of Department and he was very supportive. I wasn't used to writing essays so that was a little hard for me. But academic staff including, surprisingly, professors who didn't teach me, were happy to help.

What's your advice for other potential postgraduates?
Go for it! It's a very interesting programme and I'm enjoying it.


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